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Be Not Afraid by Catholic Artists from Home

During this time of crisis, English-speaking Catholic artists have come together with this message of hope. We hope you enjoy this Salt + Light Media presentation.

By Bob Dufford, SJ

Published by Oregon Catholic Press
Text and music © 1975, 1978, 2007, Robert J. Dufford, SJ and OCP.
All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Video produced by Salt + Light Media.

Instrumental Track:
Mixed and mastered by Tom Booth
Rick Modlin – piano
Tom Booth – acoustic guitars, bass and synth strings
Todd Chuba – percussion

Performed by:
Dan Schutte, John Michael Talbot, Steve Angrisano, Tom Booth, Fr. Rob Galea, Sarah Hart, Sarah Kroger, Tony Melendez, Jesse Manibusan, Susan HooKong-Taylor, Jennifer Martin, Renee Bondi, Curtis Stephan, Mark Mallett, Kitty Cleveland, Chris Bray, Nancy Bodsworth, David Wang, Bob Halligan Jr., Marie Miller, Luke Spehar, Amanda Vernon, Danielle Rose, Ken Canedo, Gretchen Harris, Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, Colleen MacAlister, Mikey Needleman, Danielle Noonan, Cooper Ray, PJ Anderson, Michael James Mette and MJM7, Lee Roessler, Lorraine Hess, Kathleen and Jesse Leblanc, Greg and Mary Walton, Tori Harris, Aly Aleigha, Rita West, Matt Lewis, Corrie-Marie, Ryan and Elizabeth Tremblay, Taylor Tripodi, Miley Azbill, Hannah Schaefer, Francesca LaRosa, John Angotti, Damaris Thillet, Ivan Diaz, Pedro Rubalcava, Anna Betancourt and Santiago Fernandez.

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Touch His Wounds

The Incredulity of St Thomas by Rembrandt ca. 1634)

A reflection for the 2nd Sunday, Easter, Year A. The readings are Acts 2:42-47; Psalm: 118; 1 Peter 1:3-9 and John 20:19-31. Written in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic in April 2020.

Sometime towards the end of March I started praying – really praying – for an end to this pandemic. I asked God to end the pandemic on Easter Sunday. Wouldn’t that be great? If on Easter Sunday, as the sun rises on every time zone, the virus is slowly killed – all over – and all those who are sick would be cured. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Then the world would know that Jesus is alive and that He is Lord! Then we would all know that this virus was to be bring glory to God! Like Peter says in today’s second reading: we would have gone through this little trial so that our Faith would bring Glory to the name of Jesus. Oh how that would glorify His name! There would be so many conversions and so many vocations. So many people would come back to the Church. Oh, that would have been great.

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SLHour COVID Special: The Raising of Lazarus

In this special SLHour reflection, we look at the Gospel reading for the 5th Sunday of Lent, year A: The Raising of Lazarus. It’s a heartwarming and moving exhortation during this time of crisis: “Come out, and live!”

See Only Jesus

A reflection for the 2nd Sunday of Lent, Year A. The readings are Genesis 12:1-4a; Psalm: 33; 2 Timothy 1:8b-10 and Matthew 17:1-9.

The Transfiguration: “When they looked up, they saw only Jesus.” (

Last week we had the call of the desert and this week we have the call of the mountain. And that’s usually how it goes: After being in the desert, we are often called up the mountain. What happens up there? We have a mountain-top experience: an encounter with God.

We’ve all had encounters with God. Sometimes it’s a very powerful event and we recognize it right away. Sometimes it’s not that obvious but we still recognize it, maybe a few days later –or even sometime later, in retrospect. Sometimes it’s not one event, but a period in our life that when we look back we can say, “Wow, God was really present in my life during that time.” And sometimes we have an encounter with God and we don’t recognize it at all.

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